Monday, January 03, 2005

New Year's Poker

A friend and I, Daddy from SnailTrax, brought in the new year in style. I attended a wedding in southern Indiana on New Years Eve, and the next day I woke up and drove 20 minutes north to a bar in a small town. Daddy had played in a tournament there last year on New Year's Day and told me to meet him there this year to play. It was a $100 buyin NLHE tourney, one rebuy, with 36 people playing if I remember right.

Last year Daddy drank over a fifth of Crown Royal and ended up placing in third. He figured 80% would be dead money.

When I got there I was about an hour and a half early, head was pounding and the last thing I wanted to do was be in a loud bar. Sitting in my car and listening to Sirius radio sounded like the ticket for an hour. I went in after about and hour and 15 minutes, but Daddy wasn't there yet. There was a ring game in the corner and mostly locals sitting at the bar. Daddy showed up about 10 minutes later, we talked some, then walked up to the owner to sign up. Apparently they thought I was the police, and it took a little convincing to assure them that I wasn't.

We played for a while. I never really got any hands for the first 2 hours and had about the same stack I started with. We moved to a new table and I suffered a horrible beat to get taken out, no need to go into details, but it's about as bad as it gets. Daddy got knocked out about 30 minutes later.

Afterwards we headed to middle-southern Indiana to another bar and played a 6 person "tournament" there. It was perhaps the worst game of NLHE I have ever seen. They play you start with 50 chips and it's 1 chip ante which doubles every time someone is knocked out. Before we started they realized they didn't have any cards so some guy went to his car to get some. We ended up playing with the cheesy plastic chips and cards that had pictures of Colt's cheerleaders on them. One game is all we could handle, and Daddy knew of another game about 10 miles farther north.

We arrive to find the house is packed. There is 12 people playing at the nicest homemade table I have ever played on. It put casino tables to shame. Since we showed up we ended up splitting into two tables and a few hours later when some people left went back to one table. If I remember correctly we played from 6 PM until 5 AM. Everything is very hazy except that Daddy had some very hard beats, I didn't play a single hand for at minimum 2 hours, and there was some crazy play. It was .25/.50 NL and pretty loose. The best thing I heard all night is when one guy at the table just rebought, got raised pre-flop and complained "I just bought these and now you want me to put them in the pot." Lots of beers, which I didn't drink much of, a little smoking, and lots of cards.

I finally made it back home at 7:30 in the morning and crashed.


Blogger Daddy said...

Nice blog, Eef!
Thanks for the ride home the other night, er, morning.

6:32 PM  

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