Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Poker and Adult Swim

When playing poker late at night it is necessity to watch Adult Swim at the same time. It's just absurd enough to be distracting so that you don't play too many hands, and just bad enough that you still pay attention to the table. Aqua Teen Hunger Force is very useful to power poker playing.

Played online for quite a while today. I made my way back to UB last night, Daddy highly recommends them, and I haven't played there in ages. Won about $20 playing $1/$2 and about $20 from yesterday. Then I saw Daddy at a $50 NL table so I sat to his right (just where I like it). My blind of A3o brought 3X3 on the board and pulled down ~$12 pot. Next hand was QQ in the SB, it gets raised to $2 before me and I make it 9 to go with one caller. The flop came 9 high, I pushed and lost most of my stack to KK. There goes two days of work in one hand. Back to $1/$2 I went and cashed up about $10 more.

Going for a change of pace I went back to Party and played in my STEP 2 freeroll. Almost getting blinded out I finished 5th, so I'm still at STEP 2. I'm feeling a bit tired at this point so I jump back to UB and more $1/$2 action where I win about $20 more, and see Daddy is at a $25 NL table. Jumping in there I decide to only buy for $10, not wanting to burn my profit again.

Daddy and I start chatting at the table with some crazy dialog. There isn't anyway I can remember it all, but the guy to my left thought I was serious when I was telling Daddy how playing AKo is better than AKs because you have more ways to make a flush. Then chatter about unsuited 2 off connectors and my left was saying he was going to reraise me with A anything. I built my stack to just over $24 and felt pretty good. Daddy asked if I wanted to play a $20 6 person SnG and I agreed after I played my button. I was currently in the SB with A2s, field folds and I limp. SB who has been annoyed with me for the last 20 to 30 minutes minimum raises, I call. Flop is 2X2 and I check, BB bets a dollar and I raise the pot. BB calls and says "Hit your 2s huh", turn makes 3 to a flush, I bet pot (~$9) and BB calls, river is a K, I bet $5, and BB says "Let me teach you a lesson" and proceeds to raise all in. After pondering for a bit, I figure that if he has KK I will pay him off, if he really was tilted like I suspected I would win with trips. I call and double through. Bidding the table farewell after I play to my BB it's off to the SnG.

It's a bit hazy, I know for sure I had AA four times with no action, and had the table folding to my raises most of the time. Daddy got short stacked but was still alive. Four handed I have QQ on the button, minimum raise and get called by the BB. The board comes 9 high, BB bets min. I raise min. He raises 2x min and I bet pot. He thinks for a second and mucks TT face up. I could not believe he let it go, one of the best laydowns I have seen in $20 to $40 SnGs. Daddy makes a monster comeback and it ends up with us heads up. I'm happy we both finish in the money.

My other friend is playing Stud tourneys on PP which I am watching at the same time. He is in the same room (physical) and we comment on each other's play. I decide to give one of them a go since he can't place above 3rd place. Hopping back on Party I sign up only to realize about 5 hands in it was Stud Hi/Lo. Oh well I am a mediocre Stud Hi/Lo player and assume there won't be too much competition anyways. At the end I end up in 3rd place, and decide that I have no idea how to play Stud Hi/Lo correctly when it is short handed. I might have to buy a book on it, but either way it's pretty much dead money in the Party tournaments anyways. The main problem from what I can tell is that the blinds go up so fast that you can't do much but pick a hand to go with at the end, which isn't poker in my opinion. Because Stud is somewhat slow I played $1/$2 on UB at the same time and made another $38 there.

All in all it ended up being about a $160 day, which isn't bad, and I still have another STEP 2 to play.


Blogger Daddy said...

I'm probably top 10 or 15 in the world with my ability to play with a short stack.

The only ones that I can think of off the top of my head that can out-shortstack me, are Juanda, Ivey, & Todd Brunson.

12:22 PM  
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