Wednesday, January 05, 2005

The Introduction of Mr. Boo

Mr. Boo is a friend of mine, at least I think he is a friend. Mr. Boo has played a lot of poker in his day, he still talks to this day of pushing $3000 more at a $2000 pot in a no limit game 25 years ago or since. Once in a while poker will be on the television and he will talk about playing with this guy or that. One time when Doyle was on he said "You know that guy is one of the nicest guys I have ever played with." I about hit the floor. I went to go see Mr. Boo tonight, since I haven't had a drink in 3 days, I figured it was about time to have a Caucasian. He was back in his office playing $15/$30 online at Party so I chatted a bit with him and watched the play. To anyone who has not played $15/$30 at Party (I have and do not want to think about it anymore) it is one of the most brutal games I have ever seen. All the posts I read about .05/.10 NL and the draw outs that happen doesn't know what pain really is.

In the course of 20 minutes Mr. Boo takes three $200 beats that can make you cry, each one is a gut shot made on the river by the same guy. Beating Mr. Boo's two pair, flopped set, and lower straight respectively. So he burns through $1000 to $1200 by estimates. He is not happy, and being a Jew (no offense meant, I have no problems with Jews) he starts yelping about how he thinks someone at Party has thrown the switch that makes him lose and other people win, etc, etc. It goes on and on. I agree with him, but defend the online poker places saying "Why would they through away such a good thing by cheating?" He agrees, but hates getting killed like that, and that I understand, so I let him vent.

He plays so much more aggressively than I do, but I'm not sure if I can ever do it. In all fairness though his swings are much larger than I have ever had. I cannot bring myself to reraise with 44 or Q3s into the field. He makes some hands, but I think he is too use to playing a field of rocks from 20 to 30 years ago, and that style just doesn't work at a table where most of the players are looser than you are.

Earlier I played in a $5 MTT on UB with Daddy, but alas, before the first break my KK lost to AA. Someday I am going to lay that hand down. It was a bet of 160 to me, I reraised to 1000, and decided that if I got put all in I would fold. I got put all in, but at some point I forgot to fold. Should I lay it down for such a massive overbet and reraise at that pot? I'm not sure. It is so hard to tell anything that early in a tournament so I can't worry about it too much. I know most people will go bust with that same hand, but I don't want to be most people. Isn't the goal to be better than most people?

On a whole different side note, is the origin of 'better' from bet and to be better means that the odds are in your favor since you are the 'bettor' or now over years something is better than another? Interesting food for though for all the gamblers/writers/english majors/bored.


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