Friday, January 07, 2005

Drunk and Done

I won playing NL at the bar. Nothing like a deck of cards and two drunk guys. Looking at my BB I had Q8 and the flop came JT9 rainbow. The drunk guy to my left had been in for anything. I checked, he bet $2, next guy folds. I say I'm alll in. The guy to my right looks at me for a minute, I reply "Nevermind, I don't want to bet that much, I'll just bet what you have on the table." He replys "Oh no, you bet XX, and digs into his pocket and matches my cash on the table. River is a K and I state that if he has AQ that I am beat, he looks and me and says that he has kings. K2 was his hand, I win. You have to love the spread of poker to the main stream, specifically when they are idiots.

BTW: I'm drunk, and if you are don't play online.


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