Saturday, January 08, 2005


Been playing for quite a while today. Took down the biggest pot I ever have on $2/$4, totallying $77 after the rake.

Didn't do so hot in NL with a few other bloggers at the table, but that is life. My NL ring game needs work.

Yesterday sucked at the brewery, I went in to bottle up some beer and everything went wrong. We switched from classic longneck bottles with crimp tops to shorter bottles, called heritage, with a screw off finish. Basically all that means is that the bottle is about an inch shorter, a little fatter, and after it gets crowned you can screw the top off instead of needing a bottle opener.

I adjusted the filler to work fine, however I think it may be a little off still, but it works. The crowner was missing a few times, and once in a while would explode a bottle. While that isn't a huge problem, I had forgot to adjust another arm, and the new bottle would come into position, but jump on top of the broken glass and it would explode. Can you see a pattern here? Past that the labeler was not working correctly. It's a very finicky machine, and the last time we bottled I wasn't there. The owner 'adjusted' it then and it hasn't been the same since. After fighting it for an hour I finally just said to shut down the run.

Much frustration was released by throwing bottles across the room. There is nothing better than just whipping some bottles into concrete. Today was a bit better, I spent a couple hours tweaking everything and I think we will be ready to go for the next run.

Making beer is great fun when things work out, but like anything else it has it's moments of suck time.

Quote of the day: Order dessert first, because you never know when you are going to die.


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