Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Trump Indiana Day 1.5

While I was sitting at the 3-6 table, my friend was playing 1-5 7-card stud. The game seemed pretty easy. There was an unattractive woman at the table with maybe $250 to $350 in front of her. It didn't seem as though she was a very good player, however that ended up being totally inaccurate. She was very good and she was getting the cards. When my friend, Mr. Shue, lost about $75 a highly intoxicated black cowboy sat down.

The first thing he said was "You're so damn ugly, and I'm gonna keep on playing until you're broke." This was said to the unattractive girl in the three seat, Mr. Shue was in the 6 seat, and the Drunk Cowboy was in the 7 seat. Whenever the waitress came by he asked her if it was last call yet, and ordered two beers, he would usually finish one before she came back around, and he had full beers lined up behind him on the window sill for back up.

The drunk cowboy had an interesting strategy, which was basically raise anytime the three seat bet. The problem was that he kept getting the cards. He would play blind, and win. If the three seat had trip kings, he would make 3s full of 5s, etc, etc. Mr. Shue was in the whip, but sat at the table to watch the action for a couple hours. Every pot was in the $100 to $150 range with max betting and raising going all around the table. The three seat was losing, and she was not happy.

Mr. Shue finally ended up going to bed, but I kept checking at the table every so often. About two hours after he left the three seat was down to $30. She ended up all in and won. This was the hand that changed the tide. Over the next 3 hours, maybe 4, she built back up to around $400 and walked out. It was by far the craziest 7-stud table I have ever seen.


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