Thursday, February 03, 2005

Things I learned today...

…while playing the WPBT:

  • You can'’t say penis on PokerStars, but clitoris is ok (I may be overstating this point by now, but I feel the world needs to know)
  • I hate baby faces for avatars.
  • 72o can take down AA and KK in one hand (I’m sure there is at least 10 posts about this other places)
  • WPBT online tournaments need bigger chat windows
  • If the computer can'’t deal the cards faster than a live dealer, why have it on a computer?
  • Daddy is a hilarious
  • April is interesting to talk to
  • I suck at MTT, especially when everyone is better than I am
I've been doing some other thinking. Maybe I'm not as good as I think I am, maybe I just can't admit to myself that I'm just another fish. Or am I scared that I might not be as good as I think I am, but I really am pretty good. I'm not sure, but something is effecting my game. Sometimes I feel like that half brain dead shop teacher when I am explaining plays and moves to other people. Do I really know it, or am I just rambling about bullshit.

I have been really good at a few things already in my life. When I was at that stage in those paths, I would hear other people talking about the subject and just laugh to myself at their complete lack of real understanding of the subject. Real understanding of poker doesn't come by making a couple of good plays here and there, it comes from maximizing every pot, not by knowing all the percentages, but playing them perfectly.

Something occurred to me a while ago about poker. Imagine a roulette wheel with only red and black. Red and black pay 2.1:1 on a bet. You are long term profitable betting black every time. If you have $100 it's silly to bet it all one time, you are better off betting $1 at a time and going for the long haul. You build it up and you can bet $2, lather, rinse, repeat. That is how I view poker now.

Playing limit the last couple days, after reading half of SSH, I made another discovery. Making BB/hour is my goal. Today I had KK flop comes 89Q, EP checks, I bet, LP calls, EP raises, I fold. It's going to cost me a minimum of 2.5BB to call down what could already be a nut hand. There will be better places to get my money involved for a bigger pot. Why dig a hole here? Why screw up my BB/hour with a crying call? Screw it, I'll just fold, maybe I had the best hand, but I would rather do the raising then the calling. Maybe I don't understand this game, sometimes it's better to just forget everything you know and start over.

Final notes: I HATE baby pictures on PokerStars.


Blogger Daddy said...

Gathering information is also key.
A learning curve of sorts.

Some BB/hour rates may deceive if you spent a little more to make a little later.

I would have to be 100% sure the guy flopped his straight to lay that hand down in a limit game.

That's the rub. Rarely do you get a chance to play with some random guy long enough online to get a true feel for their individual games.

There's something to be said about comprehensive buddy lists, and fish tagging.

10:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I think my kid looks cute on that avatar!


7:37 AM  

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