Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Mr. Boo Makes a Boo Boo

Talked to Mr. Boo today. As many of you may know the Party Poker jackpot was over $700,000 last week. Mr. Boo was playing $15/$30 on a BBJ table hoping to hit. He plays at the bar he owns and while he was playing they got busy. The bartender asked if he could restock some of the liquer, which he did, and talked to a few customers. When he returned to Party Poker his table had hit the jackpot a few hands after he had sat out.

Mr. Boo was not too happy when I saw him today.


Ups and downs. Holding 77 board is 4 7 T 5 4. Any way to not go bust to TT? A laydown I can't make. In all honesty when he came back over the top I suspected TT or 44, but figured I would pay it off, the last 4 made a heart flush so I wasn't 100% sure. Had my best day at the blogger table, leaving up over 3x my buyin.


Sitting at the bar today I did some quick math. If you figure that Party has 4 hours of peak time a day, with 7,000 tables playing 60 hands an hour at $0.25 a hand rake, 7 days a week, for 45 weeks (holiday weekends etc.) they make $132,000,000.00 in that calculation alone. Not too bad. That all seems pretty conservative, and I can't even come up with a real guess as to what they make.

Let's say they are pulling in $300,000,000.00 a year in rake (I bet that's pretty low). That's all coming out of the collective bankrolls of poker players. The question of how much is waged a year in poker is staggering.

Are the online sites rigged? Answer: $132,000,000.00
But then again Martha Stewart did some stupid sh*t to save about $100,000.00.


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I tried that math once. Went on a weeks TILT. Give the IRS wet dreams and Congress can't get excited. Let's just send it overseas.

Nice Post

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