Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Too Many Drinks

Thank God I had the presense of mind to not play for real cash. After getting a bit popped and feeling the urge to play, I logged on to UB. Going to the play money tables (I've made the other mistake before) I decieded to play some Omaha. Quaddruppling through on my third hand I felt I might not be as intoxicated as I thought I was.

I few more hands in I was all in with two pair and the nut low. The board brought a wheel on the river but also a flush. The flush took down the high hand, and I didn't get any chips. What?! was all I could think, but that faded quickly after realising I was at a high only table. Perhaps I was that drunk. The consolation prize is that I finished with more play chips than I started with, but that was just because I got reloaded to 1000 and started with 670. ::grin::

If you read the post about my first back room poker game below you should send Daddy a comment asking him about the time he played at the game. All I can say is I warned him it was the loosest game I have ever played in.


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