Monday, January 17, 2005

Changing Gears

After a bad run at limit, which usually I do well at, I decieded to try playing NL seriously. SnGs have always been pretty easy for me unless I get no cards and basically get blinded away. Using that logic, I think I have always pushed too hard at NL cash before. I jumped in and pretended it was like playing a SnG and stayed fairly tight. I ran my first $25 buyin to just over $80, at which point I couldn't get any action on my pots, so I went to a new table. This went on for some time, and I posted a winning session of over $150 for the night. Not too bad.

I got quite lucky with some hands, cracking AA and KK when the opposition slowplayed from the begining and I flopped a set with TT on one and two pair with the other. I definitally don't have enough information yet, but I like what I see. Iggy you are so right about the fish on PP, but those fish can be more harm than good sometimes in limit.

It doesn't seem that at the $25/NL tables on Party any fancy playing is needed. Only in rare cases have I run a bluff, but not a naked one, as I don't see many people folding to overbets. The flush draws are absurd, and one has to be careful where one steps. Also playing at the blogger table has a big impact on one's EV. It's not the place to make money when there are so many better tables.


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