Saturday, January 15, 2005

Binion's Money Clips

Grub posted a story a couple days ago at his site about when he played at Binions. What's funny is I heard the same story a year ago when I was there right after the 2004 WSOP. The way that I heard it was as follows:

It was a $5/$10 table I believe and this tourist had been losing all night. After the river was laid, he won the pot with a one card royal. A regular at the table told the tourist that there is a prize for every royal and called for the floor. The floor came over, the regular showed him the royal and asked what the prize was today. The floor said "It's a Binion's lighter and money clip. I'll have to go get it." A couple minutes later with the tourist excited to hit the bonus the floor came back over to the table and presented the tourist with the pack of matches and rubberband.

This post wasn't to take a stab at Grub, whom I'm sure told it exactly as he heard it. It just makes me laugh how these things get changed over time, especially at a poker table.


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