Saturday, January 15, 2005

Weird day thus far

I can't really get ahead, but I'm staying about even. It seems any low PP I play I flop a set and have rivered quads twice in about 120 hands. Very odd. That's once at Party and once at Ultimate, and the sets just keep coming. The rest of my hands I can't hit worth a damn, or I get outrun by the schools of marathon running fish.

Took a break for a little while to sort out some networking blues. The network in my house has changed a bit, where now I go through three internal subnets to get out, and the wireless wreaked a little havoc on speed at the sites.

Keep on playing and if you blog, keep blogging. This recent Poker Bloggers drama has me a bit entertained, it's too bad that livejournal is down right now, as I am interested in see some more retorts. By the way I don't think Iggy is Hitler, but that's just my opinion.

Not having Blogger's spellcheck work makes for some spelling errors I assume, oh well.


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