Monday, February 28, 2005

Trump Indiana Day 2

After getting about 6 hours of sleep it was back to the long trek back to the casino. Instead of doing the walk I flagged down a bus. I was scolded since it was the employee bus, but the driver gave me a ride and told me how to get in the casino from where I was going to get dropped off at.

The poker room was jammed again, and the list was about 30 people long since the new shift of dealers hadn't arrived yet and there were empty tables. It took about an hour to get a table; I signed up for 3/6 and 6/12, 6/12 came up first I sat down, didn't play any hands, and everyone at the table was pissed at one another. Luckily I had told the brush to leave me on the 3/6 list and picked up my chips 15 minutes later. Normally I like a tilted table, but it was too early to deal with those negative vibes berating my exposed mind.

After moving to the 3/6 table, I had to post again, in the small blind I had QTo, one limper so I complete. The BB raises, MP calls and I call. I bet out on a ten high board, BB raises, and we go heads up when I call. Turn brings a Q and I check raise him and bet the river. First hand I played I cracked AA. A couple orbits later I had 97 and the exact same thing happened, cracked the BB Aces twice in under and hour.

There was an older lady across the table from me that I knew was critiquing my play to her left and right. After watching her play a bit it didn't bother me so much. I had a couple of regulars at the table and they played too tight for how fishy the table was.

On a kill hand, I was dealt AKs on the button, one limper in MP, and I raise, BB reraises me, I call and we are heads up. He shows his hand to the old lady and they both look at me. Flop comes out 4A9 rainbow. He bets, I raise and he calls. He shows his hand to the lady again and shakes his head. The turn brings a queen, he check I bet, he raises me. I think for a minute and muck face up for the table to see. The three rocks to the right of me look at me confused, and after some hesitation, the BB shows QQ. After that hand my raises started to be respected, which rewarded me with many small pots.

The day wore on, I kept chipping up, then in a kill hand a rock two to my left bets AK all the way down on a kill pot without improving. A loose/agressive ugly heavy set girl calls him down and shows 77. The rock goes off the deep end, calls her a fat ugly bag, and tilts for a while. She picks up a few hands later and leaves the room. He rattled in my ear for 20 minutes about how he had the best hand, and I smiled and nodded at him.

I didn't flop a set for two days, and kept bleeding with pocket pairs coming into the 6+ limper pots. On those loose games, a flopped set can be a good 10 to 20 BB hand. It just hurts when the odds don't play out and you can't hit them.

Later the old lady was replaced by an Eminem wanna be who hit a couple hundred at the blackjack or some other table game. The table took turns taking his money and he was pissed. He made 2 flushes in 6 hands to be beat by boats, and I beat his flopped set with a flush. He was calling everyone who beat him a fuck, bitch, etc, and the regulars got upset to my right and called the floor over twice, once for language, and once because he declared he was all in when he had a black chip and a $20 on the table. The floor ruled that he had to complete the call, but he had mucked his hand already so they forced him to put cash in the pot and pushed it to one of the regulars. This did not make Eminem happy. The regulars were calling the floor for language again and I turned to them and asked how much they had won of him, they both looked down and said $70 to $150. I then said, why don't we just let the language go and bust him. They finally saw it my way, but the dealer had already called for the floor. I went to the smoking corner by the steps, and when I was half way through my cigarette, he was being escorted down the steps by the brush and two security guards. When he told them he was going to kick their asses, they told him that he would be going to see the State Troopers instead of the outside of the boat. I imagine this made Eminem have a really bad day.

The day went on, and I stayed in stasis. My friend was playing at another 3/6 table that had a regular to my rights grandma playing at it. He said she could never see the cards and was always asking what was on the board. Apparently she went on quite a run, which included flopping a steel wheel, and ended up cashing out up $450. Not bad for a 3/6 kill game.

All in all I really like Trump Indiana, the poker room is quite nice, private, and offers good comps. Check it out if you get a chance.


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