Saturday, January 29, 2005

No Limit Hands

Twice today I have had the best NL hands I can imagine. Both times I had a pocket pair and flopped quads from late position. Both times there was a card higher than my quads and it paired on the turn!

The first time I flopped four tens and an ace paired on the turn. I was last to act, it was a min bet to me and I smooth called. It checked to me on the river and I bet 5x min bet. Everyone folded. How could nobody have an ace?!

The second time I flopped quad sevens with an eight on the board. Action from two spots on the flop and I smooth call. Turn pairs the eight and it checks out. I know that one of them is slowplaying their boat after thinking that I had trip sevens. EP bets 10x min bet on the river MP folds, I make it 2x hit bet to go and he pushes with eights full. I'm just glad I got paid off on it once.

Daddy: I pick choice (F) As tight as an eight year olds rack.
Grubby: Damn I wish I had moved to Vegas.