Thursday, November 10, 2005

Overlays and whatnot

So it may seem like I'm pimping my new employer's site, but it's really not what I mean. Right now there are Howard Lederer Fantasy Camp tournaments running on FTP regularly. Currently they are overlaying over 2:1 on what it would cost you to go. I'm not saying it's as posh as an entry to the WPT or anything, but I can't imagine the camp would hurt anybody's game. BTW if you want to really make it cost next to nothing, new SnGs started today where for $6 + $0.60 in a field of 18 entrants, 4 of them get $24+$2 tokens you can use in many different tournaments, including the $12,000 Guarantee, the $8,000 Guarantee, the Fantasy Camp, and many other tournaments.


Interestingly enough I think I might actually be playing more now than I did before I moved out here, even though I work many more hours. The $50 + $5 SnGs on FTP are especially juicy, and since I won't be able to play there much longer, I'm trying to get as many hours in as I can right now. As much as everyone seems to hate Check N Raise, I do have to say that they gave me a free $100 and I have over $600 in bonus to work off. The are part of the PokerRoom network now, so there are actually some games now-a-days.