Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Trump Indiana Part One

We checked in and confirmed that we could talk to the brush in order to get a poker rate on the room. Drop some stuff off at the room and walk for what seemed like 3 miles to get from the room to the casino. The casinos in Indiana are on water. They are built on boats, and the boats can sail, but never do. It's not quite as absurd as down in Tunica where the casinos are built in a moat, but it's close. Trump Indiana is in Gary, and to get from the hotel you have to walk down a long outside hallway, then up some escalators, over the railroad tracks, down some excalators, outside again, through a heated lobby, outside again, then inside, then up some escalators, then down two hallways that slope downhill, then down some steps and finally you are in the casino. From there it's two flights of stairs up to the poker room. Segways always seemed silly to me, but damn did I wish I had one there.

We talked to the brush, I signed up for 3-6 Kill and 6-12 Kill. The lists were huge, two hours minimum. There were 10/20 and NL, but after watching the 3-6 and 6-12 a bit, that's where the dead money was. We watched one hand from the flop on at a table and it went in the end there were 3 aces on the board, we were behind the button and he folded pocket kings when it was two bets to him. Another guy in EP raises and gets three callers, one of them for 3 bets cold, who showed T7 for aces full of tens, then pocket sevens showed his hand and king high at the end, to all lose to EPs quads. I shook my head and walked away from the table. The guy with 77 could not believe he lost the hand. Mind you that he didn't hit a 7 on the board.

I played some video poker, 25 cent machine and lost $20, checked on my seat an hour later and still had about 20 people in front of me. Went back downstairs, watched three card for a while, then Let it Ride, and some Blackjack. I didn't want to sit at any of them and then start playing poker trying to recoup my table loses. Finally I found a 5 cent triple draw machine and played for a while. About $10 in, I hit a royal and cashed out for $200.25.

I finally got my seat, and had planned on playing SSH style. For the first 6 hours, and probably 120 hands minimum, I won perhaps 5 hands, and never once was called at the river. My table got broke and I never showed down a single hand! I won hands, but was never called. It was the most absurd experience I have had at a low limit poker game. At the end of the night I played too long and bleed with a lot of hands that never hit, and I had to fold on the flop, down about 12BB for the night. The brush got our room rate down to $44/night, plus comped food.

The Trump room is really quite nice, except that there is no bathroom on that floor, but there is a shortcut across the back of the boat and down some outside steps to the back of the table room deck. The dealers are decent at best. They claim that they have a 5 hour a day, 5 day a week, 4 week training class that they all pass, but when they can't do a split pot without staring at the chips for 2 minutes, I start to wonder about it. Most tables have auto-shufflers, so hands/hour is fairly high. Comps are pretty good, the deli on the poker room floor is quite good, but after four meals, it becomes a little bland. All in all, I highly recommend the room.

Coming soon: Day 2.