Friday, April 08, 2005

$20 + 2 Tournament on FTP

Early rounds 15/30, I found 77 UTG, I limp, it's raised to 90 with 5 callers, so I call. Flop top set with three hearts, I bet pot and 3 people go all in behind me, so I call, and get runner runner queens for a boat. Two flushes called and AK with A of hearts went all in in front of me. I move up to 6,000 and first. I stay solid, make the first break, play a few more hands and find KK in LP, raise it up and get a rainbow flop with and ace a king a garbage, end up taking down a guy with 5k in chips when he calls me down with A3. I'm over 17k in chips with a substantial lead on the rest of the field with over 50 people left. The funny part is that I have only seen 4 hands to the river, and the flop only 8.

EP moves all in for 500, MP makes it 2,500 to go, I have 16,090 and fold AK off. A 10 vs 99 and 99 makes a straight with QJT8 on the board. Whoops, but I don't want to risk that many chips when I have such a good lead and we aren't even close to the money (36 left).

30 minutes into the second hour and I haven't played a hand, picked up some blinds, sitting at about 16,700. Still only 4 hands to the river, 5 to the turn.

Lost a pot I tried to buy, and i'm down to 15k to be in solid second place.

On the bubble, I called a minimum raise, bet the pot at a raggy flop, and the min raiser goes all in. I fold and he shows AA. We are at the second break now, and I'm in third with 14k in chips after getting blinded and anted down and missteping into AA.

Limped with 99 UTG got 5 callers at 300/600, flopped trips and I’m up to 22k in chips, with 15 people left. Got action on the flop when someone made jacks and nines, and didn’t catch a two outer.

Down to final table, I have 22k, just above average. I haven’t had a hand in forever, just picked up blinds here and there. Someone just got knocked out and we are down to 8.

Pick up JJ in the BB, it get’s raised to 3600, then 7,200, I make it 30k to go, setting them both in and they both fold. Sitting at 40k with 6 left. Still only been to the river 7 times the whole tourney.

Six players have been playing for quite a few hands, at the forth break, somehow I jumped to first with 35k, then it goes 34k, 25k, 25k, 24k, 22k. It’s a brutal final, I’m just hoping to catch a hand to do something with, or for some people to start knocking each other out.

Down to 4, everyone is about even, except one guy who has about 52k to my 40k to the other 36k and 34k.

I raise with 55 from the button, get one caller and the board comes up 238, he checks and I push all in (about the size of the pot), he calls with A3 and my hand holds up, we are down to 3.

Short stack makes a move with A7 and BB has 55, flops trips and it holds up we go to HU. I’m a 3:1 dog, build it up to a 2:1 dog, and we get all in on a flop of 38Q, I’m holding QJ, and he has KQ. A jack doesn’t surface and I finish second in a field of 113.

Also don't forget to come to FTPFan, for all your Full Tilt Leader Board Action.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Side Project

So I've been working a lot to modify some software to make a Full Tilt Poker fan site,, on top of having pretty nice software, in all forum posts cards are translated to pictures, and I have a leader board for tournament finishes from players. Currently there is over 5,000 users in the DB and it grows everyday. The display of it is a little crude right now, but the ability to search by game (Hold'em, Omaha Hi, HORSE, etc) and structure will be available soon. So come and check it out if you play on Full Tilt.

If bloggers are interested I can set up a weekly blogger tourney on FTP and we can have a seperate leader board for un-official official tournaments. Open to bloggers and readers.